What is CoWorking?

It's kind of our thing.

CoWork Bozeman provides shared workspace for entrepreneurs or work-from-home professionals in beautiful downtown Bozeman, Montana. As an alternative to working from home, CoWorking is shared office space, resources, ideas, and energy. It's for small businesses, start-ups, work-from-homers, and remote workers. Join our community to surround yourself with like-minded supportive members.



We all work better together. That’s why collaboration is at the core of CoWork Bozeman.



Having a support network matters. Find your space. Find your people.




Your work matters. Achieve more surrounded by peers.


What CoWorking Isn't

An Incomplete List

  • Your Dangerously Comfortably Bed
  • Anywhere Near Your Little Monkeys (or Children, as some prefer to call them)
  • That Awful Spot at the Coffee Shop Between the Impossibly Loud Grinder and the Giggly Middle-Schoolers
  • An Overpriced Cubicle feat. No Windows and a Funny Smell

What is CoWork Bozeman?

Well, fancy you should ask…

CoWork Bozeman began with the need for a space. It can be a struggle when working from home to find a work space separate from the distractions of home life, the demands of children, or the chaos of the local coffee shop. CoWork Bozeman is an environment crafted around a community of entrepreneurs and remote workers. Creating a space for collaboration in the heart of downtown Bozeman, we believe in a space for your professional life.



CoWork Bozeman is the only open office space located in the hub of downtown Bozeman. Centered on the core principle of community, we are committed to creating a space in which work-from-home professionals and entrepreneurs can thrive. That’s why CoWork Bozeman operates with feedback in mind. We don’t just value your input — we rely on it!